Is Erectile Dysfunction Mentally Driven?

Could ED Be Completely In Your Head?

There can be several reasons why a man would want to make sure that they have optimal penis health, with one of the most common being the fear of dealing with erectile dysfunction. No man wants to get into the heat of passion, just to find that the main sexual organ is not going to be able to rise to the occasion. However, there are some people who think that the main cause of erectile dysfunction happens to be more mental instead of physical.


In a lot of cases, erectile dysfunction ends up being the result of a number of factors. Penile health generally plays a major role, as well as overall health, trauma, the presence of issues like diabetes and more. However, included on this list will be the well being of a person, as well as their mental state.

The National Institute Of Mental Health, or NIMH, and a number of researchers and doctors have been able to demonstrate that the mental state of a person can have a physical impact on the brain, which can alter the flower of chemicals as well as the structure. Even though sex may not be all in the head, a lot of the physical response that is involved with sexual activity will be directly impacted by the structure of the brain. This is especially true with the neurotransmitters that work to send and then receive special signals all throughout the body.

Anxiety And Stress

A particular mental health issue that gets linked to sexual will be anxiety and stress. Whenever a man feels stressed out, it can be more difficult to concentrate or even accessing the zones for pleasure and relaxation. Anxiety can be looked at as being stress that is taken to a higher level, and it has been compared to someone going through consistent inner turmoil. With a lot of turmoil going throughout the brain, performance anxiety can come into play. By learning to manage stress, relax, and overcome anxiety, there can be strides made to fight erectile dysfunction in a lot of men.


Some sources say that the major cause of sexual dysfunction will be depression in a younger male. Whenever someone is depressed, they can have an outlook on life that will take a major nosedive and they will begin to feel bad, not only about their situation, but about themselves. This can then keep the brain from being able to work at full capacity for remaining receptive and open to the neural messages in regards to sexual possibilities and sexual interaction.

If you are depressed, a man needs to be able to take the steps to alleviate this mental state, and not simply for the sake of having better sex. For some males, antidepressants can have the impact of worsening your sexual problems. When you work in close collaboration with a doctor, you will be able to find the best possible treatment.

Severe mental Concerns

Overall, men that have serious mental issues, including schizophrenia, bipolar, PTSD or panic disorder will usually be more prone to experiencing some sort of erectile problem than other men without known mental problems. Issues that can negatively impact your interpersonal relationships, which can common in such situations, can affect your sexual performance as well. Additionally, a lot of medications for treating psychotic conditions could present an additional set of issues and erectile challenges.


Any man who is experiencing erectile dysfunction that suspects that there might be a particular mental health component involved should be looking for attention by the right professional. Psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists can offer help, directing patients to the right form of treatment.

Treating any mental cause that may be behind erectile problems will be critical. Additionally, a man will need to be sure that he is in good general penile health as well. Regular application of topical creams and other methods can be very useful.

Just like the rest of the organs within human body, the male penis needs to get the right amount of vitamins to function properly. Your doctor will be able to go over your needs, including Vitamins A, B5, C and more. If you are looking for a topical cream, you should be looking for one that includes amino acids like L-arginine, which helps to create nitric oxide.